Adult Swim

The Brief

Adult Swim is one of Turner's major broadcast channels with a cult following in the US, and increasingly in the UK. As part of their strategy to develop their brand and increase user base, Adult Swim has commissioned a number of games unrelated to existing TV programming to release over time and create buzz. A key part of the commission is that the games need to reinforce the irreverent and entertaining brand values of the channel as well as position Adult Swim as a quality online gaming provider.

The Solution

zOMT is a strategy game where you play God, protecting your passive 'believers' from the onslaught of a variety of menacing and marauding foes on either side of them. You have to be quick, get the angles right and avoid obstacles in order to keep your people alive and praying!

Foes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from boulder catapulting heathens, to blimp bombers and grizzly giants, all of whom have the sole intention of destroying your people and wreaking havoc. Luckily, you're God, and possess some pretty special powers to combat your foes and help your believers grow and prosper.

You can generate new believers to worship you and create Mana for power, summon footsoldiers to battle the oncoming foes, and even control the weather to create protective clouds and target evil with bolts of lightening. The game has multiple levels, each with increasing complexity, and ever more gruelling challenges.

zOMT is an original take on classic strategy games like Tower Defence, Plants vs Zombies, Godfinger and Patapon. We worked with incredibly talented Robin Davey to develop the other-worldly and god-like look and feel of the game, ensuring that it looks as good as it plays, with an attention to detail that rewards repeat players.

The game was developed to be easily portable to other devices to ensure an ongoing release strategy across other popular platforms.

zOMT's engaging playability, strong attention to detail and rich in-game graphics make it a stand out online game with huge potential to raise the profile of Adult Swim and be the start of a rich portfolio of standalone game content for the brand.

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The Results

zOMT has had an overwhelming response from the gaming community who are itching for the game to feature on major gaming portals. We are currently reviewing and updating the game for iPad...  Watch this space!

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